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Every one of our properties currently in development will now have embedded in their design, the Key Land Capital 6 key features. They are…


Providing ultimate protection for your family, all our new developments will at a minimum have;

  • Secure entry system
  • Secure lighting (exterior)
  • Virtual Concierge or On-site security


High-speed broadband as standard and cabled into all living rooms and bedrooms.

Amenity Space

Providing beautiful space outside your property where you can relax and meet others.

Workspace Area

Working from home made easy; every property has dedicated workspace area designed for comfort and productivity.

This will be separate from your sleeping and living area so you can consciously move into and out of your work when you require.


Creating a sense of community is important to us and so we’ll ensure there are activities and events organised and available that bring everyone together. Utilising the amenity and shared spaces in innovative ways for those that wish to use them.


The building will be independently certified, indicating that high standards of air quality, pollution filtering and heat insulation have been met.

All lighting will be low energy and supportive of reduced stress and enhanced sleep in the bedrooms.